Types of support... 

Social & Recreational

Support to access community, social & recreational activities including movies, live performance, sporting events & new hobbies
Support to increase health, fitness & well-being including going to the gym, going for walks, supporting you to do exercises prescribed by a professional

Well-being, Health & Fitness

Support in-home - from cooking, cleaning, personal care, showering shopping, companionship

In-home Support

Support to access medical appointments & following up requirements you need including help with medication

Medical appointments & medication

Holidays & day trips

Support for day trips, overnight stays and holidays
Get support to feel more inspired, positive & happier.  I can support you with positive goal setting, positive tips & insights.  Or simply be heard & get a load off your shoulders & discover how to turn challenges & disappointments into a positive learning so you feel lighter & can move on in life happier.

Positive mentoring

I would be delighted to design support to cater for your personal needs & goals


Fees may be  covered by NDIS no out of pocket for you

Support for all people...


  • All people - kids, teenagers through to older people

  • Intellectual disabilities

  • physical disabilities

  • All abilities

  • All challenges

  • All cultures

  • Cross-dressers

   Supporting LGBT community:

  • Gay

  • Bisexual

  • Transgender

  • Intersex

    We are all unique in our own way - I support and celebrate all our diversity
    which makes up our great human family.

Support our young people into a brighter future...
Can you help ?

I have a big dream and goal...
To be able to offer fun, enlivening, supportive classes for young people to thrive and flourish with more positivity, resilience and happiness in life.  Classes will include science backed positive psychology methods to really make a difference in someone's life.  I would love to include classes on mindfulness, meditation and laughter yoga too - there's nothing like a bit of fun!  I would love to build new friendships for young people and new ways of experiencing life in an all inclusive community.   For me to be able to do this, I need financial support.  If you know a company or someone who could support my goal in the way of a donation or other support method, I would be forever grateful to help support me to have a permanent place open to run these classes for young people especially those that have been bullied, traumatized in some way, homeless, or just doing it tough in some way and to enable them to participate for free.  My goal is a big hairy audacious one ie to raise $2 million dollars to support this dream into reality... I will create a wall within the premises that is dedicated with gratitude to those that supported this dream.  I want to contribute to make a real and lasting difference in our world and you can too...

With much gratitude, many thanks and with love xx


Fun Activities




Bernadette Dimitrov

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