Professional Fees

I follow NDIS recommended fees:

Social & Recreational

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Daily Life
& In-home Support

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Establishment & Other Fees:


Who I can support/work with:
I am a top non registered provider under an ABN which means you get more options with your funding.

I can work with you if you are:

 1.  Plan Managed:
You can choose to use a Plan Manager to manage your NDIS funding and
pay your bills for you.  The NDIA will provide funding in your plan to pay for a Plan Manager.
Great companies such as can be a Plan Manager for you.
They will pay your provider's bill after their invoice has been approved for payment
eg by your support co-ordinator (who manages the implementation of your NDIS plan). 

This option also gives you the flexibility to use a lot more of the providers on the market ie
both registered & non-registered providers. You can now choose passionate, skilled, experienced professionals like myself that otherwise you would have missed out on if you choose
Agency Managed or NDIA Managed at your yearly NDIS Plan meeting.

2.  Self-managed:
You control all of your funding and are required to manually claim and
pay your bills.  This can be time consuming and create a lot of administration work for you.

3.  Privately Funded or have access to other funding:
If you have private funds or other type of funding then you can choose to work with me too.

4.  Agency Managed or NDIA Managed:  I cannot work with you:
This means you can ONLY use NDIS registered providers.
This is a restrictive option and you may miss out on many great services that better suit your
goals and needs by having chosen this option at your NDIS Plan meeting. 

For more detailed info
re your NDIS funding options

click on the following link: 

I will provide you with a Service Agreement:

I will organize a convenient time to discuss your goals and support
required in order to prepare a Service Agreement. 

This will provide clarity and peace of mind for you re the support I will provide,
and the time frames I will work with you to achieve
your goals and support needs.

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