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A top resource for:

    -  NDIS Participants
    -  Parents
    -  Disability Support Workers
    -  Disability Clubs  
    -  Disability Organisations

Never be lost for places to go and experiences to be had in the community.  


A resource with lots of suggestions and places to visit that you probably didn't even know about!

NDIS support workers:
This will be a must have to support you to do your BEST work in relation to "Asistance to access community-based social and recreational activities"
It's tax deductable!


-  create more choices

-  create more inclusion 

-  expand experiences

-  explore community offerings

-  have more fun

-  create adventures

-   explore and stretch curiosity 

-   increase emotional well-being

-  develop communication skills

-  develop gross/fine motor skills

-  increase positive emotions

-  reap many more positive benefits

-  Get the book to find out more!

It's a must have resource you'll use
over and over again
with joy! 

We will also be launching
a resource workbook
to go with
this book.  A must have for planning
and supporting
the people you work with.

Launch party
to be announced 2020

Meet the Authors...

Bernadette Dimitrov:
Receiving 2 book awards.
Positive, inclusive, community hearted & 
passionate about making a difference!
Trainer & Author!


Michael Harwood:
Positive, inclusive,
community hearted & 
passionate about making a difference!
Fitness Trainer, 
Coach & Author!

Book Launch Party
to be announced

Special Guest Speakers

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